Dreams Interpretation of Golf

There are not a lot of people that can play Golf. in fact, there are only a handful of people, who genuinely like this sport. Whatever it is - we all know that this sport is said to be a luxurious one. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you like it or not, if you have dreamt of this sport, there are chances for you to get a bite of luxurious life!
Dreaming of Golf can have several meanings in the life of the dreamer. it may signify new and positive turns in his life, especially if he is happily playing Golf in the dream.
This may sound a little absurd to you - but if a man dreams of putting the ball in the hole, it may mean that he needs sex in his life or his sexual desires have rapidly increased. If you dream of putting the ball into the hole, it means that you are either going to encounter a new change in your sexual life, or may improve it with your current partner.
Dreaming of Golf also means that you are going to have some new rich contacts in your life, since Golf is the game of the rich!

The Golf sport symbolizes sexual drive, sexual life, business contacts, problems in business, finding solutions for business related problems and also aims of being rich.
If you are someone, who constantly dreams to work hard and be rich in life, you are bound to get such dreams often.
Dreaming of playing Golf with friends states that you are an extremely influential person in the lives of others around you.
Dreaming of playing Golf with business partners and winning in the dream means that you are going to be successful in the current project.

Most Common Golf Dreams:
Playing Golf alone - Such a dream means that you are working really hard to change your status in the society.
Hitting someone with the Golf stick - Such a dream means that either you are fooling a rich person or vice versa.
Playing Golf with an opposite gender - Such a dream depicts your sexual desires in life.

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