Dreams Interpretation of Gold

To buy more and more gold is every person's desire. It's the symbol of richness, reward and lifestyle. There are different meanings associated with gold.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

The color of gold signifies royal living, spiritual healing and a sense of achievement. The word gold is associated with plenty of things in regard to gold dream. such as a material made of gold, golden leaves, treasure of gold, gold coins, etc
Gold dreams give indications related to power, wealth, well-being, influence, financial position and prosperity. The quality of gold also depicts satisfaction. Thus, a dream of gold indicates mental and financial satisfaction. Overall, gold is related to a good omen.
A person can derive the meaning of gold dreams and relate these with the following circumstances.
Attaining gold means prosperity and respect in the society.
Buying gold means buying more luck in your favor.
Burying gold in dream means you are trying to hide something. This may be related to your income in the unethical way or some sort of bribe taken to keep a secret.
Gold jewelry in dream depicts glow on the face and rewards earned through hard efforts.

Most Common Gold Dreams:
Receive Gold as a Gift: This dream indicates that you will make excellent profits through a business project. Receiving gold is a moment of pride and achievement. Your dream signifies the happiness you will receive after this huge income.
Loss of Gold: Loss of gold means hard luck. Beware, as you are likely to suffer a loss from a deal. Loss of gold is also related to disgrace and distrust. It means someone valuable in your life will break your trust and you will lose him forever. He could be a close friend or a close relative.
See Gold Coins: Seeing gold coins in dream reflect your feelings of earning money. A dream of gold coin indicates that you need to work harder to achieve a royal and rich lifestyle. Take it as a sign that your efforts will surely get you unexpected gains and make you earn more than normal.

Finding gold in a dream means that the dreamer will accomplish great things and attain the goals which he has set for himself. Losing gold means that the dreamer underestimates important issues. Touching gold means that the dreamer will take up a new hobby or occupation.

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