Dreams Interpretation of Garlic

Garlic dreams may convey different meanings in regard to luck, health and overall life. Garlic is a symbol of healing.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

Garlic dreams are proofs about your trustworthy nature. These dreams also give a security of love matters. If younger women dream of garlic, it is a sign that they are likely to meet their marriage alliance through a business meet. Fresh white garlic in dream is also a hint of a fresh love relation.
The herb in dream also gives predictions related to physical conditions and health. If you consider the properties of garlic, it is very good for heart. Thus, garlic dreams may hint you on heart related issues. Avoid oily food and anything that is not good for your heart.
If you consider the emotional side of view, garlic dream also depicts distress and pain. Be careful of someone who keeps an evil eye on you or dislikes you deeply. Stay away from people who speak wrong things about you. Their ill comments may pass like the odor of garlic. On the positive side, garlic is considered to have magical healing effects. Thus, garlic dreams may also be a sign of spiritual healing.

Most Common Garlic Dreams:
Eating Garlic: Eating garlic is a sign of ill health. Be careful of what you consider in your diet. This is also a warning alert of misfortune. If you saw other people eating garlic in your dream, this could be an indication of a quarrel within your family or friends. Try to be calm for some days and do not be a part of any argument.
Cooking Garlic: It is one of the most common dreams. This dream represents your caring nature towards others. It also shows your affection towards your family and your concern about their health. Cooking garlic in dream also indicates that you will make plans for an opportunity.
Smell of Garlic: Many people often smell of garlic while dreaming. Take this as a sign of something unexpected that will happen in a few days. This may raise the troubles or open new ways for you. It depends on your current situation and decision.

Dreaming of garlic is interpreted according to the dreamer's taste: If he likes garlic, it is a positive dream predicting success. If he is revolted by garlic, it portends bad times.

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