Dreams Interpretation of Friend

Friend dreams depict unity, sharing, caring, love, and bonding. The dreams may get extended to relations with boyfriend or girlfriend. Consider these dreams with your real life situations and try to analyze them.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams.

Friend dreams may lighten the mood as these are mainly related to how you feel about your friends. Not all friend dreams may bring peace and harmony. Some of these may hold warnings or signs of betrayal from friends.
To dream about an old friend means that you missing his company in life and wish to see him. The feeling of the dream is good. however, the relation you spent with this friend in the past matters in your dream. It could mean a good feeling or a bad experience. Some dreams could also bring bad news. For instance, to dream about a friend dying. It relates your insecurity about losing his friendship.
We all need good friends in life and dreaming about a good friend signifies how much you cherish the relation with this person. On the other side, if you dream about a friend with whom you have not shared a good relation in the past, means that it is time to fix things or start afresh.

Most Common Friend Dreams:
To have sex with your friend: This dream depicts the closeness and comfort level you share with your friend. It could be because you both share many things openly with each other and this may also involve each other's secrets in life. Moreover, the dream is also a sign that you are attracted to this person for his/her qualities.

To see a friend in trouble: This dream is an indication that your friend needs you and is thinking about you. Perhaps, it means that your friend is in some distress. A call or surprise visit by you will confirm things in real.

To see a stranger as friend: This dream is a sign that you like someone and wish he/she could be your friend. It is also a hidden desire to make some more new friends.

If a friend appears in a dream, it means that he is in trouble or in danger.

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