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Added: 4 September

Who doesn't like to be fit in life? After all, we really need to workout at least once in a day or two to keep ourselves healthy enough to work and survive in the long run. Trust me - if you don't focus on fitness, you can never be successful in life because just like they say - health is wealth!
Dreaming of fitness is generally a good sign. Such a dream means that good luck is right ahead and all you need to do is wait for the right time to come. Being fit means that you are on the right track. Therefore, such a dream may also be a sign from your conscience that you are doing the right thing in your life, so don't be worried about your future.
Dreaming of fitness means that you are going to gain power in future. Seeing yourself in a fit posture indicates the power that you are going to enjoy either in your family or at your workplace. It may also indicate a powerful position or promotion, which will be offered soon.
If you look unhealthy or unfit in your dream, it may indicate bad luck.

Fitness represents health, wellness, well-being, good luck, bad luck, power, promotion and also influential attribute of an individual.
If you dream of working out with someone, it means that you influence that person in your waking life.
If you are ill in your waking life and you dream of being fit and healthy, it means that your health is going to improve. However, if you are healthy in your waking life and you dream of being ill, it may mean that you are either going to lose something or go through a minor illness in the coming time.

Most Common Fitness Dreams:
Dreaming of being fit and healthy - Such a dream means that you are going to gain something in future. look forward to good news!
Dreaming of being a fitness freak - Such a dream means that you are not doing justice to your health.
Dreaming of guiding someone on fitness - Such a dream means that you possess influential attributes.

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