Dreams Interpretation of Female

Seeing a female is one of the most common symbols in the dreams of men. For men, this symbol is majorly related to the inner desires for beauty.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

A female can be a number of things in dream. She might be a healing agent, heartbreaking news, a companion, a prey or a trap. The beauty of a woman is her biggest weapon to break a man's control. A female in dream may also relate your weaknesses.
Self-awareness is the key to dream analysis. The better you know yourself, the deeper you will get into your dream interpretation. A woman or a female may also relate to your mother, lover, sister and your partner. The sign in your dream also shows your thoughts or expectations about your life partner.
If you know the female you saw in your dream, it depicts your feelings about her. If you see an unknown female in your dream, it reflects your sexual desires for the opposite sex. Women are considered to be the sign of prosperity, gracefulness and humbleness.

Most Common Female Dreams:
To see an Old Female in Dreams: If you saw an old woman in your dream, it relates to ageing and helplessness. It could be a possibility that you are feeling helpless in a situation and need someone's support. Older people in dreams also signify loss of energy and strength.
To see an Unknown Female: It is more common in men. The unknown women in your dream maybe related to an unknown opportunity that will be knocking your door in few days. It is important that you get familiar with it at first. Once you are familiar with the opportunity, you will get more clarity on whether to welcome it or ignore it.
To see a Beautiful Female: Beauty is related with good luck. however it could also be a trap to trigger your weaknesses. The behavior of the woman in your dreams may give you a sign of what exactly the dream is trying to convey. If you got carried away by her beauty, then it is a sign that you are highly addicted to something. It could be sex, alcohol, smoking or drugs.

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