Dreams Interpretation of Eye

Eyes are said to be doors to the heart. When you look at an individual's eyes, you see a lot of things. Some of the face readers are terrifically good in reading the eyes and expressions of individuals. Therefore, if you see an eye or eyes in your dream, you must interpret it in the correct manner to know what you conscience is trying to tell you.
If you dream of an eye, learn about the expression. If you see calm and peaceful eyes, it depicts your spiritualistic attitude towards yourself. You are trying your best to attain knowledge about yourself. you are finding out all that you can about the Divine Spirit. You are going to discover your Higher Self, if you see calm and peaceful eyes.
If you see the third eye in your dream, it depicts your psychic abilities. Try channelizing your energies properly. If you are a psychic person and you dream of your third eye, it means that you are getting stronger intuitions.
If you see yourself with only one eye in your dream, it depicts your attitude towards the views of others around you. you don't consider their opinions even when they try helping you.

An eye represents psychic powers, character, nature, expressions and personality of an individual.
If you dream of bleeding eyes, it depicts the stress that you are going through. Your inner self is not happy with whatever you are going through in your waking life. You are finding it difficult to cope up with the problems.
Dreaming of sad eyes depicts sadness in your waking life. Are you going through a hard time?
Dreaming of angry or cruel eyes depicts your ruthlessness. You are being very rude to someone in your waking life. Try keeping yourself as calm as possible.

Most Common Eye Dreams:
Rolling eyes - If you dream of someone rolling their eyes at you, it indicates their lack of interest in you.
Eyes popping out - Dreaming of popping eyes indicate that you are being influenced by someone else. You have stopped using your own vision' and instead, agree with someone else more than required.
Closed eyes - If you dream of closed eyes (eyelids), it means that you have shut the doors to see positive things in someone or something in your waking life.

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