Dreams Interpretation of Emerald

Emeralds look beautiful, especially if they are worn as pieces of jewelries on the body. It doesn't matter if you fix an emerald as a locket in your necklace or use it on the finger ring, all that matters is that this piece of valuable stone suits you and your stars.
One of the most surprising facts of emeralds is that their resistance to breakage is quite low. If you throw them from a particular height, they break and shatter into pieces. They are not as tough as they seem.
If you dream of an emerald, try to focus on what kind of a dream it is. If you are personally wearing an emerald ring or a necklace, it indicates royalty. You may get wealthy soon, but this money and wealth will not stay with you for longer.
If you dream of a breaking emerald or if you drop the emerald by your hands in the dream, you may lose a large amount of money in your waking life. Don't panic - this can be an indication from your soul. try saving as much money as you can for a few days and don't invest in something, even if it promises to flourish in future.

An emerald represents inheritance, loss, gain, failure, rivalry, royalty and wealth.
If you gift someone an emerald in your dream, it is an indication of giving your fortune to someone else. You are helping someone in your waking life and that someone is not going to help you ever, even if you are in a desperate condition.
Dreaming of receiving an emerald from a stranger indicates conspiracy. Since he is giving you something that he knows will break soon or is fragile enough to break, someone is cooking something against you, in your waking life.

Most Common Emerald Dreams:
Partner wearing emerald - If you dream of your partner wearing an emerald, it indicates her attraction to someone who is far richer than you are.
Breaking an emerald - If you dream of hammering or shattering an emerald into pieces, it means that you are investing in something you know will not work.
Chasing an emerald - If you chase an emerald in your dream, you are running after something that is not achievable, in your waking life.

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