Dreams Interpretation of Egg

Egg dreams are usually the good ones. An egg is a small and tender thing, which carries the beginning of something new or a new life.
Dreaming of an egg means that you are working on a new project, which is not yet finalized. You may be thinking to write a new book or make a new painting or invest in a garment business, but the project has not been finalized yet.
If you see an egg in your dream, it means that you are going to get pregnant, soon. If you are a man and if you dream of taking care of an egg, you may turn into a father soon.
If you see a beautiful white egg, consider it to be a blessing from your angel. You are surely going to be blessed with good news or a lot of luck for the new thing that you are considering to do.
On the other hand, if you see a black and scary egg, be prepared for Satan. It is a clear-cut message from someone who doesn't like you. One of your enemies may gain strength and you may find it difficult to defeat him.

An egg indicates fertility, creativity, start of something new and a positive change.
If you dream of buying an egg, you are investing in something new in your waking life. You may start your own business, which you know nothing of, as of now.
If you dream of receiving a basket of fresh white eggs, you are going to gain a fortune. Look forward to all the unexpected money coming your way!
If you dream of dirty eggs, you are forgetting some of your talents. It is time for you to clean the eggs or bring back those talents that are dying inside of you.

Most Common Egg Dreams:
Breaking the egg - If you dream of breaking the egg all by yourself, you are giving up on your dream in your waking life.
Broken eggs - If the eggs are broken and the tiny ones have taken birth, you are going to turn into a parent or the project that you have been working on is going to be launched in the market.
Seeing yourself inside an egg - If you dream of yourself in an egg, it means that it is time for you to bring your hidden talents out.

The appearance of an egg or the eating of an egg indicates that the dreamer will soon increase his wealth and become more established in life. A broken or rotten egg portends failure or loss.

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