Dreams Interpretation of Dreamland

If you are wondering what a dreamland is, it is nothing but a land that exists solely in dreams. It is a piece of land where all your wishes come true, but when you open your eyes or wake up from your dreams, it disappears.
Dreaming of a beautiful dreamland may depict the condition of your emotions. If your dreamland has flowers, butterflies and other such pretty things, you are either at the end of your struggles or have already crossed the toughest phase of your life. You are at pure bliss, if you see such a place in your dream.
Dreaming of a rotten or barren dreamland indicates bad news. Struggles are on the way if you see a destructed dreamland. However, there's some positive news in such a dream. you are going to pass through the struggles with immense strength and courage and rebuild your dreamland, once again.
Dreaming of burning your own dreamland indicates a wrong decision or regret in your life. Something that you have done in your past is not much appreciated by your conscience in your waking life, due to which you are finding it difficult to forgive yourself.

A dreamland indicates happiness, contentment, peace, inner-self, state of mind, emotions, conscience and good or bad news.
Dreaming of being with someone else in a beautiful dreamland means that you are happy in your family life. If that someone is your partner, your bond with him or her is going to strengthen. You would not miss anyone else, as long as you have him or her with you.
Dreaming of flying alone in your dreamland depicts astral projection. Have you heard of the concept of lucid dreaming? You are probably going through out of body experiences. Cherish such dreams!

Most Common Dreamland Dreams:
Dying in a beautiful dreamland - Such a dream means that your good times are about to end. Prepare yourself for struggles.
Transformation of a barren land into a dreamland - Such a dream means that your hard efforts are going to be paid for.
Playing in your dreamland - You are satisfied with all that you have in your waking life, if you see such a dream.

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