Dreams Interpretation of Desert

Dreaming of being in a desert is one of the most beautiful and serene dreams you can ever see, unless you are being chased or lingering alone in darkness. Sand represents creativity and artistic abilities of an individual. Why? Because when Adam and Eve were created, it was sand that was used to carve these figures. Since then, sand is said to be one of those elements that have made us all!
If you dream of playing with sand in the desert, you are a very creative and artistic person. don't lose hopes if things are not flourishing the way you want them to. with time, everything will be fine!
Dreaming of lingering in the desert or walking through it with sadness in your heart indicates loss. You have either lost something or someone really important to you, or you are going to have a stressful time in the coming days. Be prepared to face sorrows!
If you walk through the desert and are happy about it, you are finding your way to your creative side. Pick up a pen, write something or grab your paintbrush and create a new painting. things are going to be positive for your work, for sure!

Sand is a symbol for creativity, creation, pregnancy and artistic abilities.
Dreaming of building a castle with sand may represent ideas in your waking life. You have good ideas in your mind, but you are doing absolutely nothing to turn them real.
If a woman dreams of playing with sand or creating something from it, she may get pregnant. This is a good sign, especially if she has been trying to conceive from a long time.
If a man sees himself riding a camel in a desert, it is a very positive sign. He is going to achieve something really good in his life.

Most Common Desert Dreams:
Being chased in the desert - If you dream of being chased in a desert, you are running away from your creativity in your waking life.
Making illogical figures out of sand - If you build something out of sand, it represents fake hopes. You are aiming too high in your waking life.
Giving life to something made from sand - If an artist dreams of giving life to something created out of sand, it indicates progress in his waking life.

If the dreamer is walking in the desert, it predicts a journey. If a storm breaks out during the dream, it means that the journey will not be satisfactory. If the dreamer is in the desert and is suffering from hunger and thirst, it means he needs to invigorate his life.

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