Dreams Interpretation of Darkness

There are times when you see nothing at all in your dream. No - it is not that you are not dreaming or have a dreamless night. it is just that you drown in darkness, dipping yourself in the ecstatic pleasures of the black color, surrounding you from all the sides.
If you dream of being in darkness, you generally get up with a lot of fear in your heart or with a few drops of sweat on your forehead. Dreaming of being in darkness may mean a lot of things.
You first need to think about all those things that you are currently going through in your life and then compare those things with how you felt when you were in darkness in your dream.
Darkness means loss of hopes, depression and isolation. You may dream of darkness when you have absolutely no one to share your sorrows with. Also, if some of your close friends have betrayed you, darkness dreams are bound to occur to you.
If you are a spiritual person or you challenge to be "Godly," such a dream means that you are exposed to most of the people around you. You are not connected to your soul and are, perhaps, not what you say to be!

Darkness represents failure, fear, hatred, isolation, disconnection from self, loneliness, sadness, incompleteness and even lack of hopes in life.
If you are going through a hard time in life, you are bound to see darkness in your dream. If you have been trying to meditate since quite some time now, you are not yet connected to your higher self and have to work on your abilities a little more.
If you have friends and you still see yourself lingering in darkness in a dream, you are not very well connected to these friends.

Most Common Darkness Dreams:
Lost in darkness - If you dream of losing your way in darkness, you have no clue about where your life is heading.
Crying in darkness - Either you have failed in something, or feel terribly insecure about something, in your waking life, if you dream of crying in darkness.
A ray of light in darkness - This is a very pious dream as it represents new hopes in your waking life.

The appearance of darkness, or walking in the dark, indicates that the dreamer is distressed, confused and restless.

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