Dreams Interpretation of Dance

Before interpreting this sort of a dream, let's see when does a person dance? Of course when you are happy or it is the time to celebrate or cherish something really important in life! We dance when we are content and know that things are finally settling down the way we want them to.
It is necessary for you to remember what kind of a dance you do in your dream. are you dancing alone or with friends? Are you at a club and dancing like a crazy person? Are you with your partner, surrounded by a bunch of candles, slow-dancing to a beautiful romantic song?If you are dancing in joy and with your friends, some sort of a celebration is on your way. If you have been working on something big in your life - congratulate yourself because your goal is going to be reached, soon.
If you dance at a club, you are quite relaxed in your life. We go to clubs when we want to change our mood or party on weekends. If you haven't partied from a long time, such a dream means you need a break!
If you dance with someone, romantically, it depicts love and your bond with your partner.

Dancing represents sexuality, happiness, contentment, victory, confidence and also celebration. If you see yourself dancing carelessly in your dream, it indicates your attitude in your waking life. You are a carefree person, who doesn't like much of responsibilities in his life.
If you are dancing out of fear, it indicates that you are doing something on other person's wish. it is not what you want to do in life.
If you see yourself dancing naked in people, it is a fear to be exposed in front of the others.

Most Common Dance Dreams:
Seeing someone else dance on your sorrows - Your enemies have won or may win, if you dream of other people dancing on your sadness.
Dancing alone - You are going to achieve success in life, if you dream of yourself dancing alone!
Dancing with your partner - Your bond with your partner is going to be strengthened, if you dream of the two of your dancing together.

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