Dreams Interpretation of Crow

There are only a handful of people out there that love crows or don't find them to be creepy. People think crows are ugly, spread sadness and are the dumbest creatures in the world. But what they don't know is that crows are extremely intelligent and know how to hunt all that they wish to.
When you see a crow in your dream, you feel terrified, especially if you sleep after a terrible fight with someone.
Dreaming of a crow indicates a lot of things - your fears, emotions, illness, ill health of a loved one and even stress.
But that's not all that a crow signifies in your dream!
Dreaming of a crow may also be an indication of a loved one's death or someone's death news. After all, crows are said to be angels of death. Some of the cultures also call them to be soul carriers.
If you dream of a single crow, it also indicates your narrow mindedness. There must be something going on in the life of your loved one, to which you are not agreeing. Is your child in love with someone you don't like? Are you disallowing your partner to do something that he really wants? Interpret your dream all by yourself by relating it to your waking life.

A crow represents death, migration, change in life, bad news, bad omen, bad luck, over-smartness, unappreciated intelligence and also crime.
If you see a crying crow in your dream, it indicates death.
If a crow is chasing you in your dream and you fear its existence around you, it indicates crime - you have surely committed an offence in your life and fear the boomerang of Karmas.
If a crow eats in your dream, it means that you are protected by the spirits of your ancestors.

Most Common Crow Dreams:
Chasing a crow - If you dream of chasing a crow, you are running behind problems all by yourself. You are probably committing a sin or an offence, which you know is bad.
Group of crows - Dreaming of a group of crows is bad news, especially if you hear their voices.
Flying crow - Be prepared for a big change in your life. you may migrate to another place, soon!

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