Dreams Interpretation of Coyote

There are many people, who don't know what coyote means. It is nothing but a dog that looks like a wild wolf. Such dogs are commonly found in North America and are feared the most, because of their wolf-like appearance.
Seeing a coyote in your dream may mean several things, but there's one thing that you've got to remember - coyote is actually a dog, under the disguise' of a wolf. Therefore, you may wish to keep an eye on all those that are over sweet and over polite to you.
Dreaming of a coyote means you need to be careful from those that use sugar coated words to lure you or your heart. they are surely under some sorts of disguises.
If you look on the positive side, a coyote knows how to protect the family that owns it. Therefore, seeing yourself as a coyote in your dream, means that you are being protective towards your family and your loved ones.
Since a coyote is a transformer, it may also indicate new beginnings or new start-ups in your life. If you have been working on something really big, this is the time for you to put your dreams into reality.

A coyote represents negative things like disguise, cheat, bad luck, anger, fierce attitude towards others and even lies. on the other hand, it positively represents protection, financial gains, power to analyze people and good news.
If you are able to chase the coyote in your dream and defeat it somehow, it is surely a positive thing. You are going to win over your enemies. It may also indicate your ability to find out the true colors of people who try to lure you.
Dreaming of yourself as a coyote indicates your ability to protect your family members.

Most Common Coyote Dreams:
Being chased by a coyote - If you are being chased by a coyote in your dream, there is someone making a huge plan to trap you. Be careful about the others around you.
Chasing a coyote - Dreaming of chasing a coyote means you are looking forward to do something new in your life.
Attacked by a coyote - Dreaming of being attacked by a coyote means you are being selfish in your waking life.

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