Dreams Interpretation of Cowboy

Who doesn't like cowboys? They are not only strong and intelligent, but also super sexy at the same time! There are a lot of women out there who crave to be girlfriends to cowboys, and why not. Hollywood has always portrayed them as super-smart people!
Dreaming of cowboys is generally a good sign, especially if you seem happy in your dream. Try focusing on all the things that you or this cowboy does in your dream since these details mean a lot when you are analyzing your dream. For an instance, is the cowboy happy or is he sad to be around you?
Dreaming of a cowboy means that you are in full control of your life, just like the cowboys are in all those movies. You are sure about what you are doing in your life and hence there's nothing that you are much worried about, at the moment, in your waking life.
Dreaming of playing with a cowboy means that you are spending a good amount of time with your friends. You are not only working, but also spending an equal amount of time relaxing and rejuvenating yourself currently, in your waking life.

A cowboy represents informal behavior, carelessness, predictive nature, being in control, undisciplined individual, masculinity and strength to cope up with all sorts of struggles in life.
Dreaming of being friends with a cowboy means that you are very well aware about who your actual friends are and who are going to be there for you in your bad times. It is essential for you to judge people correctly, based on how they behave with you and the good news is that you actually know who your true friends are.
Dreaming of a cowboy may also mean that you are not serious about your current business or project.

Most Common Cowboy Dreams:
Seeing yourself as a cowboy - Such a dream means that you have predictive abilities in your waking life.
Killing or fighting with a cowboy - Such a dream means that you are trying to get your life back on track and be more disciplined.
Kissing or make love with a cowboy - Such a dream means that you are attracted to someone, who doesn't have much of a good reputation in society.

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