Dreams Interpretation of Castle

When you enter a castle, what is it that you notice? The size. the massiveness of the encountered place. You step into a castle and realize the meaning of largeness. probably a few old and classic paintings, a few carpets, colorful tiles, guests or even isolation.
Dreaming of a castle depicts both, liveliness and loneliness. Thus, it may have either a positive sign or a negative one. Such a dream is always an extreme one. It may depict some good news or a very terrible, depending on what kind of a castle you see or the different things placed inside the castle to keep it lively.

Castle depicts reward, honor, royalty, respect, and other such bright things in the dreamer's life. If you are living in a castle in your dream, you may get some extremely good news in your life, which is surely going to add on to your already existing respect.
If you have filed a case in the court and you dream of living in a castle like a royal king or queen, there are chances for you to win this case.
On the other hand, there are certain dreams of castles that may not bring good news to the dreamer's life. If you see a rotten castle that doesn't give good vibes to you, bad luck is surely on its way.
Seeing a destructed castle in your dream also represents your fear of losing your respect in the eyes of others around you. Have your kids started disrespecting you? Is your partner degrading you in front of others, repeatedly? Such questions may hold their answers when you dream of a rotten castle.

Most Common "Castle": Living in a castle with a lot of servants - Such a dream surely brings in a lot of positive energies to the dreamer. You are well-respected in your waking life.
Locked in the castle - Dreaming yourself locked in a castle represents the pressures that you are undergoing in your life. You are doing something that you really don't wish to. you are living according to others.
Visiting a castle - Dreaming of visiting a castle means you wish to get some sort of security or protection in your waking life.

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