Dreams Interpretation of Cactus

Cactus is a thorny plant and thus, it represents troubles. These troubles may vary according to different situations in your life.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

If your life has trapped you in situations that you feel are unavoidable, you may see a cactus in your dream. Cactus are surrounded and covered by thorns. However, this might also be an indication that your instinct in dream is expecting you to display your strength.
Cactus in dream also represents the different between real and fake. Sometimes, people pretend to be too harsh from outside, but are actually weak from within. Seeing a cactus in dream indicates the same thing. You may be reacting to a situation very harshly. however, your intentions may not be to hurt someone. This could be related to being strict on kids or dealing other family affairs.
According to the beliefs, the plant of cactus holds a lot of benefits, but most of the people consider it a mere thorny plant. If you have closed yourself to the world and do not show the real you, this could be the reason that cactus in your dream is trying to relate to this nature.

Most Common Cactus Dreams:
Dreaming of a Cactus: If you had a dream of cactus, it means that you are missing some of the beautiful things of your life. You are undergoing emotional trauma of these memories and this is the reason why the current period looks like a cactus to you. Instead of sulking in the memories of those good times, you must socialize more to add more fond memories to your life.
Cutting a Cactus Plant: Cutting the cactus in dream means that you badly wish to come out of a trapped situation. Find out if it is a real estate investment, a property matter or a business deal. You may have to deal with it very patiently and smartly in order to make a smooth exit.
Growing a Cactus Plant: Your dream is trying to tell you that there is nothing wrong in you. It's a matter of choice on how you wish to live. The look of the cactus is not appreciated by all, but, it doesn't mean that it will never grow. Love yourself and others will follow you as a positive person.

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