Dreams Interpretation of Cabbage

The letter C' itself conveys different meanings secretly, in regard to life situations. Cabbage is one example that is wrapped with secrets. Every leaf has some message stored for the person in his dream.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

Eating cabbages are considered to be healthy in real life. however dreams have contradictory meanings to it. Opening or cutting a cabbage in dream means we are too busy in doing petty things and wasting our time by siding up the important tasks.
Cabbages are not known as a good omen in many religions. This may be due to the side effects of the vegetable. Despite the name that appears in the list of green leafy vegetables, cabbages give a negative meaning in dreams. For instance, a green cabbage in dream denotes unfaithfulness by your partner or a close friend. Dreaming of cabbage may also relate someone's character.
A few dream analysts also indicate that a cabbage refers to unwise decisions and mistakes of life. It can be stated that despite a good number of benefits, cabbage doesn't have a good impression in the world of dreams. Try to understand the merits and demerits of cabbage as a vegetable and relate it to your dream's message. The message decoded by you will give you the key of your real life situations.

Most Common Cabbage Dreams:
Buying a Cabbage: Buying a cabbage is one of the most commonly shared dreams by people. If you are making a business deal, hold onto it right now, as buying a cabbage means you are inviting the related losses in your life. Stay alert and note down the pros and cons of the business before finalizing the deal.
Making Cabbage Recipe: Making a recipe from cabbage means that you are a rough person. It also depicts your ignorant behavior towards others. The dream also means that you are not being rational and you are following any approach to make money.
Planting a Cabbage: This dream hints you to prevent making wrong decisions and choices in life. It may be possible that you think what you are doing is right. but, your heart does not accept this decision. Think wise and think twice to confirm what you are doing is right. It could relate your relations with your partner, a new business project or location change.

This attests to the dreamer's lazy nature, a characteristic which significantly influences the achievements in his life.

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