Dreams Interpretation of Bubble

Bubble signifies relaxation, peace and good fortune. A bubble has no noise till it exists and thus, it also indicates silence. There is much more to learn about what is means in dreams.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

Bubble baths are one of the real dreams that people wish for. It is followed by the royal, rich and famous people. If you have taken a bubble bath in your dream, it relates to comfort and luxury. Your dream is indicating that you will have a good fortune ahead.
Bubbles are silent observers to fly high till they can. Thus, seeing these in dream depicts that you will enjoy the success privately. This is a good option as not everything likes to make it a public affair. Some people find themselves blowing off bubbles. These are related to the errors that you are making at present. Blowing off the bubbles means that you are used to committing your mistakes and repent later when the bubble is blown off.
Seeing a bubble gum in the dream, means that you are holding onto a relationship since a long time, without any reason. This could be related to your private affair or an intimate relation with someone at your own selfish motives.

Most Common Bubble Dreams:
Seeing Transparent Bubbles: Having a dream of seeing many transparent bubbles in the air is a good sign. It means that people like to keep it transparent with you. They also trust your character and there is nothing that you like to hide from your closed ones.
Bursting the Bubbles: Bursting the bubbles in dream means that you do not care about other's feelings and play your own selfish motives. This might hurt others' sentiments. It also states that you keep making mistakes and do not care if these are not rectified.
Blowing Bubbles: Blowing bubbles in dream means that success is close to you. Your efforts will bring amazing rewards. Perhaps, the project that you may have submitted recently at work may bring some good news to you. Blowing bubbles also mean that you are expanding your business projects and plans to greater heights of success.[

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