Dreams Interpretation of Bruno Mars

About Bruno-Mars:
Bruno is a famous song writer, singer, record producer and choreographer. He has attained immense success at the age of 30.His real name is Peter Gene Hernandez, but the professional world knows him by his stage name, Bruno-Mars.

Some of the record-breaking songs by Bruno are. The Lazy Song, Grenade, Locked out of Heaven, Marry you, Moonshine, Move on and a few more. Mars was very fond of composing his own music, ever since he was a child and this interest caught his family's attention who took it further. Bruno was raised in the family of musicians.

2016 Forecast:
Doing many things at a time has been the key skills for Bruno since last few years and it will continue in 2016 too. Being in the list of the most influential people, Bruno is an inspiration to many young struggling teens who wish to follow their dreams.

2016 is a busy period for Bruno as he will be all busy in arranging for his shows and new records. The opportunities are likely to strike his door and magnetize him for acceptance. There are chances of shifting to a new house and it is likely that he will be willing to settle in this new location permanently.

Support from family and fans are surely going to make him happy. The flow of energy at home and in shows will make it evident. This is the year of freedom, novelty and creativity. The mid-year may show some emotional turbulent situations in personal life. however, Bruno is expected to have patience as this is temporary and will pass soon.

The eleventh house of Luck signifies that there will be peace and harmony in friendship. Thus, he can take advantage of this luck and increase his social circle. Bruno may put his involvement in some non-governmental organizations, which are most likely charity based. It will bring some peace and satisfaction.

Bruno must learn to hold patience and take things lightly. Certain matters may raise some ego clashes and bring grudges in relations. Things can smoothly calm down only if he has the patience to handle difficult situations. Bruno will achieve success in his new records and this will continue till the year end.

The fans will continue to shower their love upon him in 2016 too. There will be many opportunities and reasons to spend quality time with family and friends. This also includes the success party of new records. More business opportunities from music industry may attract Bruno, but, we advise him to take one step at a time. There are chances of falling in year this year. He must keep his heart open for proposals and check for the women of his dreams. Dating will be on from August till November. More surprises and luxury gifts are expected in the months of May, June and July.

Overall, the year looks healthy, joyful, entertaining and musical.

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