Dreams Interpretation of Broom

If the dreamer is sweeping with a broom, it indicates a professional turning point. A broom lying on the ground portends imminent separation from a close friend.

Photo Gallery - Dreams Interpretation of Broom

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Horsehair Floor Broom | Engelbert Strauss
Super-Broom mit Stiel
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Dried broom bloom - 1 bunch - Brown
Snow Broom
Broom Stick
Lodge Broom Besom Havencroft Hand-tied Natural Hardwood - Etsy.de
BROOM | Bedeutung im Cambridge Englisch Wrterbuch
Utility Broom, Handmade
Steel Broom Head | Engelbert Strauss
W/African Hand-made Sweeping Broom (Igbale/Aziza)
CRAFTSMAN 18-in Poly Fiber Multi-surface All-purpose Push Broom in ...