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The meaning of the dream symbol: Bowling

Added: 3 September

Bowling dreams representhits, misses, achievements and regrets in life. These dreams give us an insight about our performance in life. It could be either on one issue or on various issues related to life. You will understand it in a clearer manner ahead.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams.

Bowling dreams bring you closer to a clearer picture of your goals. To dream about bowling as a bad game is a means that you will face some disappointments or regrets on a certain matter. This dream also signifies that you are unhappy about a goal in life as the path seems tobe unclear.
The pins in bowling dream represent your life's stress, obstacles and challenges. On the other side, the ball represents you in the majority of the dream scenarios. If you dream about knocking down everyone on the road, it is a sign of your ultimate goal. Start working towards your goal as the sky has no limit for you. Sort out the challenges and hurdles in your life, make steady moves with your plans and enjoy every bit of it.
To speak about more positive dreams, people also dream about bowling strikes. It indicates that you will have a great fortune ahead. To be precise, it means that any decision taken by you will prove to be correct and things will fall in place.Some scenarios related to bowling dreams might signify negative meaning too. If the results in bowling match do not go as per your expectations, it means you will face disadvantages or disagreements from people.

Most Common Bowling Dreams:
A bad bowling game: This is one of the most common dreams in sports. A dream in which you see bowling as a bad game signifies regrets in life.
To play with a gutter ball:This dream strongly indicates that you arestuck in a terrible situation. Try to change your ways.
To play a great game: This dream indicates success and a great future. You need to worry less and work harder so that this dream turns to a reality.