Dreams Interpretation of Bottle

Whether it is a genie in the bottle or a bottle floating with a message inside, a bottle conveys tons of meanings in dreams. Some are considered a good sign and some are considered to be warning alerts.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

A bottle in dream conveys different messages to different people. It could be related to your behavior about others or your own inner feelings. Bottles also connect to sexual desires in dream. For instance, if you dream of a medicine bottle, it depicts that an illness long prevailing in you, will soon show signs of recovery.
A full bottle conveys the happy times around. A baby bottle in dream may convey the care and nurture missing in your life. A bottle rotating in dream indicates sexual desires controlled by you. To add to it, the rotation of the bottle depicts that you are looking for a partner to have an intimate relationship.
Most of the bottles are made of glass and thus, a little crack in the bottle may shatter your peace of life. These could be your family, friends or other personal matter. Check out the type of the bottle and the fullness you saw in your dream. It will help you to find the closest connection with your dream.

Most Common Bottle Dreams:
Popping the Bottle Cork: If you had a dream where you were popping the bottle cork of a Champagne or Wine, its good news! You will soon hear something exciting that will make a big celebration time for you. It is time to raise a toast to the happy moments!
Broken Bottle: Finding a broken bottle in dream depicts aggression. We often break things when we are upset or angry at something. Find out what is making you so upset. It could either be a matter or a person related to your life.
Empty Bottle: An empty bottle in dream indicates sorrows or emptiness in life. You are missing something or someone badly. Do things that make you happy and pick the phone to make a call to the one you are missing in life. Things will fall in place soon, if you deal it with patience.

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