Dreams Interpretation of Blood

Seeing blood in dream is not a sign of good omen. It is a symbol of anger, rage and revenge.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

Dream interpretations are merely hints that try to figure out what's happening in your life and what are your feelings about it. Treat them as clues and find out what is the relation between your dream and the reality. You cannot change the destiny and fortune, but you can prepare yourself to know what has happened or what will happen in future.
There are various meanings related to seeing Blood in dream. Most of the signs are related to negative things happening in life. Try to analyze the state of blood you see in dream, as this will give you more hints to understand what they are trying to convey.
Many people see puddles of blood in dream. It means that they are following wrong paths or approach to make money in their business. It's their instinct which feels disgusted about it. Bleeding in the dream is related to your feelings of exhaustion. Not many people can handle seeing blood in real. Thus, blood is related to your negative thoughts about someone or a negative mind.

Most Common Blood Dreams:
Cloth of Blood: If you found a cloth of blood in your dream that belongs to you, it means that some friends or business colleagues may try to put you down and hamper your career life for worse. Find out who is jealous of your progress at work. Stay away from such people.
Blood Coming from Jesus Idol: This is one of the strongest signs to make you realize that you have either done something very unethical or wrong in life or are committing some major errors. These mistakes are hurting someone bad. Try to find out what is disturbing you in your mind and make ways to recover the errors or losses made.
Seeing Yourself Injured: Many people find themselves injured in their dreams. It conveys that someone is backstabbing you. Find out who is bitching about you. This could be someone who knows you close and is jealous of your success. She/he may wishes to spoil your name intentionally.

This indicates an unwanted relationship, a quarrel, anger, disagreements or disappointment (particularly in emotional contexts).

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