Dreams Interpretation of Bleach

Bleach is a Japanese animated series that is designed with a blend of action, fantasy and adventure. The dreams related to bleach series signify a lot of meanings related to your family, dead people and haunting experiences of life.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams

If you know the series of Bleach well enough, you would know the efforts of Ichigo Kurosaki fior his family. These dreams speak more often about your feelings, bonding and insecurity about family. In Bleach, Ichigo is gifted with special quality of seeing dead people and ghosts. This means that your past or the memories of dead people in your life are haunting you.
Dreams related to Bleach also denote the bonding you share with your family. Check if you have any kind of insecurity of losing them in life. If yes, then this could be the reason of these dreams.
Sometimes, we are unable to express our fears and feelings clearly to others and these take shape of the dreams. Your fears and feelings about your family may relate the characters of Bleach in your dreams. There is another thing that you need to be aware of and that is possession. Our love and extra care may become an obsession or possession for someone whom we love. For instance, a Bleach dream in which you see your loved one's soul possessed could mean that you are over protecting him/her and not allowing the person to breathe freely.

Most Common Bleach Dreams:
Ichigo Fighting for His Soul: A bleach dream in which Ichigo is fighting to get back his own soul means that you are fighting to get back your identity and respect. This is your own battle within and you want to feel the experience and fight against all odds in life.
To Save Rukia in Dream: A dream in which you are trying to save Rukia (character in Bleach) means that someone from your friend's list is in trouble and needs your assistance to come out of it.
Ichigo Wishing for his Powers: Some people dream about Ichigo crying to get his powers back. This means that you are feeling helpless in certain situations and wish you had more strength to fight this battle and challenge of your life.

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