Dreams Interpretation of Billiards

Billiards is considered to be a game of the rich and the famous. The player's main motive in any game is to score high and win the game. Thus, seeing a game in dream depicts winning and competing! It has a lot more to say beyond this.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

Billiards is played on a special table, where the colorful balls are arranged for the player to lead the game. The table in your dream signifies the plot of your life. The colorful balls are the different things important to you in your life such as. family members, career, business, wealth, success and fame.
The player must be aware of the rules of the game or else he will be disqualified. Similarly, to live a healthy and wealthy life, you must know the ethics of life. One wrong move can shatter your surrounding factors and disrupt your own life.
Analyze the situations around you and then relate these to the dream you saw on Billiards. A dream of this game foretells you on the possible things to arrive in your life. For instance, playing a game well in your dream denotes that you are capable of balancing the different situations of life. A dream on Billiards game also gives hints on luck and loss.

Most Common Billiards Dreams:
Losing the Game: If you dreamt that you were losing the game of Billiards, it means that you will lose good people around you. They could be your friends or family members. It could be a reason that you are not giving them proper time and this is why you are losing the game in dream as a bad player.
Winning the Game: Having a dream of being a successful Billiards player, has its own pros and cons. From the positive side, it means that you have attained or will attain great success in business. However, on the negative side, it means that you have reached a business stagnation point and you are not working hard to be innovative in business.
Considered a Lucky Player: People often dream, where they are treated as the lucky mascot for the game of Billiards. This means that you will attain success by being lucky and fortunate. Submit the long pending project of your hard work this time and try your luck.

A billiard table with people around it indicates unexpected problems. An isolated pool table indicates that the dreamer should beware of those conspiring against him.

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