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The meaning of the dream symbol: Ben Carson

Added: 4 September

About Benjamin Solomon �?Ben' Carson, Sr.:
Ben Carson is a candidate for President of United States for the year 2016. He was earlier a neurosurgeon, who believed in changing his field and joining the world of politics. He worked as the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland. this was from the year 1984. He then retired in 2013. One of his most amazing and appreciable surgeries was the separation of conjoined twins. He also contributed in finding a technique to control the brain seizures.

2016 Forecast:
One of the worst problems of Virgos is that they are always high on their tempers. No matter how hard they try - they are unable to control their anger. This is one of the reasons why anger management books are recommended to most of the Virgos out there. Anger may spoil the peace of most of the Virgos in 2016.
Carson may find it difficult to control and manage his anger, at times, especially in the year 2016. Although everything seems fair and balanced in his life, he is unhappy with most of the things. He will find it difficult to be satisfied with what he has in his hands, due to which he will go through a lot of mental depression as well.
Virgos run behind money, the most. This year is going to be no different for them and their behaviors. They are going to run behind money.
Carson may already have enough funds in his accounts, but he is going to work harder for more. He is unsatisfied with what he has and hence will spend most of the times working for money. One advice that I wish to give to Carson is that he should focus on living his life more than destroying it, running behind money. He may not have as much money as he desires, but he has more than that of a lot of others in the world.
While most of the things are going to be good and healthy for most of the Virgos out there, they may go through moderate to severe complications in their married lives.
Carson may find it difficult to express his innermost feelings to his partner. he may also go through the phase of lack of time for family, due to which he will go through a lot of arguments with his partner.
As far as career is concerned, 2016 is a good year for all the Virgos out there.
This means that Carson is going to find new ways to book a seat to succeed in the field he is currently working. He will find it easy to think of building and developing more and more strategies to win against the others around him.
Carson will feel competitive with the others, who wish to achieve what he desires in his life, in 2016. The good news is that he may win!