Dreams Interpretation of Batman

Batman is a very old comic character adored by both - kids as well as young adults. Some of the elderly people also enjoy reading his comics or watching his movies.
If you are a Batman fan, dreaming of him may be a good sign, especially if he is protecting you in your dream. Dreaming of being protected by Batman indicates support in your life. No matter what you do in your waking life, you always have someone who supports you with all of his heart. Someone is there to protect you from the harms and the best thing is that you know this person very well.
On the other hand, a Batman dream may also mean that even though there's someone who has done and is doing a lot of things for you in your waking life, you have not paid attention on his efforts for you. You are ignorant towards the kinds of things that he has done for you, due to which all of his efforts are going in vain. Try thinking about all those people who have always been there for you in your troubles and this masked man will get unveiled!

Batman represents strength, justice, protection, guardian, guidance, support and achievements.
If you dream of a flying Batman, it indicates achievements or loss in life, depending on how the Batman is flying. If he flies upward, you are going to achieve success, but if he flies downward, it indicates loss. all your efforts are going to be in vain!
Dreaming of a fighting Batman means that you may be going through a hard time in your life, but you surely know how to deal with it.

Most Common Batman Dreams:
Seeing yourself as a Batman - If you dream of being a Batman, it means that you have the capability to judge people in your life and take proper decisions because you know them meaning of justice.
Fighting with Batman - Such a dream means that you are doing injustice to someone who deserves better in life.
Still Batman - If you dream of a petrified or still Batman, it means that you are unable to use your full powers in your waking life.

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