Dreams Interpretation of Banana

Banana is a fruit of energy. It is also a symbol of money and signifies your savings. There are many more things to know about Banana dreams.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

Bananas are tasty fruits, thus, these relate the good and essential things in life, such as. relations, love, apparels and many more.
Bananas are also mainly related to fetus and fertility. If you dream of bananas, then you are facing some fertility issues or lack of sexual pleasures in life. These are also related to health. For instance, if a person who is unwell finds himself eating a banana in dream, it means that either the illness will get worse or will be irrecoverable.
Seeing a banana tree in dream conveys a lot more deeper meaning related to the sexual desires. The condition and shape of the banana also denotes different meanings. Check the color of the banana whether it was yellow or green. Yellow and ripe bananas indicate good health, happiness and good times. On the other hand, green bananas indicate new hopes and new opportunities in life.

Most Common Banana Dreams:
Eating Bananas: This is the most common dream that people have shared and usually, men dream of eating Bananas. Eating bananas in dream means that you have fertility issues and are unsatisfied with your sexual life. Moreover, this dream also indicates that you have some deficiency in you and your body needs the required treatment.
To See Bananas in Dream: This dream is more common in women. The shape of a banana is like the shape of penis. Seeing bananas may reflect your inner sexual desires and cravings for a sexual relation with a man. Perhaps, you need to go on a blind date or fix a date with someone with whom you have a crush upon.
To See Bananas with Other Fruit: Dreaming of a banana with another fruit denotes your feelings of a love affair. It means that you are not receiving undivided attention from your partner. The best thing to do is to talk to your partner and try to solve the misunderstandings together. The lack of attention in a relationship is one of the major causes for breakups and only a calm conversation can solve this issue.[

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