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The meaning of the dream symbol: Background

Added: 1 September

The background of your computer or mobile screen is nothing but the wallpaper that you put to keep the screen livelier and pretty. People have a craze to keep pretty and trendy backgrounds. Some people keep changing their backgrounds to keep their minds refreshed and bring in positive feelings in their lives.
Dreaming of a fantasy background is surely a strange dream, and is related to the spiritual aspect present in you. We all are divided into two parts - materialistic aspect and spiritualistic aspect. While the materialistic needs lie in the materialistic aspect, the spiritual ones are taken care by the spiritual aspect. If you dream of a fantasy background, you are surely tapping the spiritualism that is already present deep down inside of you.
Dreaming of a fantasy background means that you are traveling within yourself and some of your emotions are being express to you, by your conscience. Try remembering every little detail related to your fantasy background dream, so that you are able to relate it to the present time that you are going through in your waking life.
Dreaming of a fantasy background means that you are either going through an extremely tough time, or a very pleasant one.

Fantasy background represents emotions, sufferings, lucid dreams, hopes, goals, achievements and also messages from conscience.
Dreaming of a pony background means that you are missing your childhood terribly. There is nothing that you can't do to have it back and you know this, to a certain extent. Yet, you want to relive it, for the sake of enjoying all those moments that you have once lived with your parents, siblings and friends.
Dreaming of a moving fantasy background means that you are traveling in a lucid dream. This is an experience, which only a handful of people get to feel. If you have such a dream and there are a lot of colors mixing together, congratulate yourself the next day to have experienced something totally out of the world.
Dreaming of a moving fantasy background, which has an abstract painting or universe or something that is unusual, means that you are experiencing astral traveling, in which you get to enjoy out of body experiences.
Dreaming of a fantasy background depicts your feelings in your waking life. Try remembering how you feel when you get such a dream and relate it to the present situation in your life.

Most Common Fantasy Background Dreams:
Scary fantasy background - You fear of being exposed in front of others, if you see such a dream. Have you done something wrong in your past? If yes, you are bound to get such a dream.
Colorful fantasy background - Such a dream means that you are in the happiest phase of life. it may also mean that your struggles are about to end and you are entering the good phase in your waking life.
Night fantasy background - Such a dream means that you still have hopes in life, even though you are going through the toughest phase.