Dreams Interpretation of Avocado

Avocado symbolizes lie in the most common situations of life. These dreams do not put you downon your character. In simple terms, they simply show you the difference of how you behave and what you really are within.You will get a deeper insight of avocado dreams ahead.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams.

Avocado is one of the essential ingredients for a healthier skin. Thus, sometimes these dreams give us signs about our health conditions. For instance, to see a fresh thick avocadoin dream means that you will enjoy good health. Fruits, especially avocado also relate our sexual desires.Avocados are also a source of energy and thus to see a fresh avocado in dream is a sign of positive energy. A ripened avocado in leaves is also a very good sign. It indicates prosperity and good luck. Feel happyabout this dream as there is some good news around.
To pick avocados from the trees is a sign of romantic affairs and committedrelations. Be careful of weird dreams related to avocados. For instance, to dream of someone stealing avocados from your tree signifies interference from the neighbors. On the other side, if you dream of receiving a plate with avocados served signifies that you will see a close friend soon. Be careful about sour fruits being served as it indicates enmityand unpleasant behavior by someone.

Most Common AvocadoDreams:
To eat fresh avocados: This dream indicates success in your endeavors. Start making plans and begin implementing the ideas to reach these goals as success is on your way.
To share avocado with someone: A dreamin which you share avocado with the opposite sign indicates lusty feelings for someone. You may be involved in a sexual relation with someone. Sharing is also a sign of richness and giving nature.
To see an avocado tree: This is one of the common dreams. It indicates that a goal on which you have been working on a long time will finally start showingyou rewarding results. All that the dream expects from you is that you continue with the same pace and efforts.

This signifies economic success and an improvement in the dreamer's status in the work place.

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