Dreams Interpretation of Apple Tree

According to the mystic literature, an apple tree is known as the tree of life. There are many meanings related to an apple tree dream. Some of these are good and some could be bad.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

Apples are related to good health and seeing a dream of an apple tree relates to good health of the family overall. It is important for you to remember things like. whether the apple tree was full of apples, what was the color of the apples and the condition of the apple tree.
Apple tree also denotes stability in life. Seeing a good apple tree in a dream is related to positive news in your life, whereas seeing an apple tree in a bad condition denotes negative things or bad news in real life.
An apple is the fruit of desires, romance, marriage and good health. Thus, an apple tree in dreams may also speak about a person's romantic life. On the other hand, this tree also gives signs about knowledge. For instance, many people see themselves shaking the apple tree in their dreams. It means that they are curious to learn more and more from life. If you are shaking the tree, it depicts that you want to learn everything that's up there in the world of knowledge.

Most Common Apple Tree Dreams:
Blossoming Apple Tree: If you see the leaves and apples of the apple tree blossoming in your dream, it means that there are many events coming into your life, specifically marriage. Blossoming apple tree in a dream is also related to success in business.
Crack in the Apple Tree: If you dreamt of someone cutting the apple tree or if you notice a crack in the apple tree, be careful! This could be related to someone trying to break your family unity. Little misunderstandings between family members urgently need to be settled, before a third person takes advantage of this gap.
Apples falling from the tree: This means that there are ample of opportunities coming your way. It is also related to children or new friends in the social life. Many people also dream that they are hanging on the apple tree. This expresses your close bonding with the family and friends, and how much you care for them.[-

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