Dreams Interpretation of Angela Merkel

About Angela Merkel:Apart from being the most eligible Chancellor of Germany since 2005, Angela Merkel is also a former research scientist and a German politician. Angela is also the first woman in the history of Germany to hold the office. Angela holds a doctorate degree as a physical chemist.
Angela was born in a highly respectable family. She is the daughter of Horst Kasner and Herlind Kasner. Angela could speak in French fluently ever since she was a schoolgirl. She was awarded for her brilliant performances in Russian subject and mathematics.

2016 Forecast:
The year 2016 is all about money, self-worth and personal belongings. The desire to feel secured and the desire to achieve many goals is the agenda of this year. Angela deserves every bit of popularity and fame for her efforts and achievements in the past. The year 2016 will also continue to shower the fame and rewards on her.
The cycle of money has been rolling well since 2014 and more income is indicated from professional endeavors. The fresh opportunities will bring fresh ideas to expand business. Overspending in some matter is indicated and so, we advise Angela to think rationally over financial matters.
The charts also indicate buying valuables and making long term decisions. More focus is required on the material resources, especially during the mid-year. Sometimes, her attitude towards monetary matters can be careless. If this is continued for this year too, then there are risks involved in making rash decisions.
The chart indicates some monetary conflicts with colleagues. This could also lead to grudges for using someone else's resources. Moreover, the matter will be argued on the grounds of ego clashes. This is a passing phase and soon people will realize her true and genuine intentions behind these decisions.
Angela will be involved in international exchange of communication. This will increase her desire to do more things and encourage her express herself more clearly. Good fortune is indicated in matters related to travel, transportation, communication industry and through family members. New opportunities will open based on her exchanged communication.
Too many activities in hand will bring learning endeavors, however may become stressful at times. She is advised to take proper rest and small breaks in between. A peaceful mind works better than a tired mind. Family life and home life are the key factors to consider for Angela this year. She will be occupied with family matters for most of the October until November end.
Small and short talks in the family will prevent her from getting into any ego clashes or arguments, bringing more joy to her life in return. Moreover, the extended talks at work or at home only make the matter worse and a waste of time. Health wise, the year looks favorable except for minor hitches due to work load. Angela must cherish the rewards of this year as these will lead her to a better start of the next year.

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