Dreams Interpretation of Angel

You may think it is one of the most wonderful things to have angels in your dreams, but not always. There are many analyses of angels in your dreams, depending on their appearance and moods.
Let us find out what they communicate to you in your dreams:

No doubt angel dreams make you feel amazing and divine, bringing your closer to yourself, it is essential for you to focus on your angel when you are dreaming. You must keep an eye on what she's holding in her hands, the color of her wings, whether she is nude or draped in clothes and even the gender.

Most of the times, angels visit your dreams to give you predictions about your future. If you see an angel guiding you across a lost path, it means that you are going to get enough support to reach a goal that seems impossible, at the moment.

If the angel turns into a devil in your dreams, one of your most trusted friends is going to betray you or is already backbiting against you.

Dreaming of a silver colored angel has the most precise meaning. it means that you have been rude towards someone that really needed you in his life!

Most Common Angel Dreams:
Smiling angel - If you see a beautiful smiling angel in your dream, it depicts confidence and stability in your life. In some cases, it also means that you have finally found your soul mate.
Crying angel - This is one of the most negative dreams a dreamer can ever see - such a dream depicts the sufferings that you are going through in your life. If you see an angel crying in your dream, it means your soul is giving up fighting for you and your rights. It may also mean guilt.
Seeing yourself as an angel - Don't make fun of the dream in which you have a halo around your head and a wand in your hand, dreaming of yourself as an angel has a deep meaning. you may be needed by a loved one in future. Someone may seek your advice or help, soon.
Being trapped by the wings of an angel - Don't feel claustrophobic if you dream of an angel closing its wings and trapping you in them. such a dream means that it is finally the time for you to let go of your unnecessary fears and stress, since there's someone to protect you, even if you fear accepting his protection.

This is an indication of the dreamer's strong belief in a superior power. he makes no attempt to alter his own destiny. It also signifies a successful marriage.

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