Dreams Interpretation of Alia Bhatt

About Alia Bhatt:
Alia Bhatt is the daughter to a prominent Indian film director - Mahesh Bhatt and actress Soni Razdan. It can be stated that Alia was born with a silver spoon and in a stylish family. She is considered to be a simple living and high thinking girl. Her photogenic face makes her super-hot at an early age.

Alia is pretty obsessed about her clothes and handbags. She does not prefer to apply much of make-up and this is what makes her special about her appearance. Her first film ??Student of the Year' by director - Karan Johar, brought her immense popularity.

2016 Forecast:
Alia has a lot in store this year. Career wise, this is a favorable year for Alia and she will float in the river of money and success. According to her charts, she is expected to give top priority to her career. The heavy workload and responsibilities will keep Alia busy for most of the year.

It is highly recommended that Alia maintains cordial and healthy relations with her co-stars and also with her directors. Punctuality is one issue that might bring her in the media gossips. Alia must not leave her positive attitude despite the challenges. There would be people who would try to humiliate her and break her confidence. If she has the patience and willingness to survive in the industry, she will ignore their perception towards her successfully.

The qualities of Pisces make them more spiritual and calm minded person, however this year may bring some temperament issues related to career. Alia will get over this phase beautifully and stick to her career goals.

Romance is in the air this year. There will be some rough edges with siblings and mother. Being a confident girl, Alia will survive through this and turn things back to normal. The mid-year also states that she will cut off from some people, especially from the career background, in order to enjoy her peace of mind.

There are minor health crisis reported in Alia's life. She is advised to not to take much of stress in her personal life. Career wise, Alia doesn't have to worry much, as this year is pretty favorable with various new projects in hand. August is the right turning point for her. She will be making a lot of decisions, which will open a new path of success for her. In fact, this year will demand more time from Alia and keep her occupied. She must select suitable roles for her in order to avoid the media controversies.

Self-determination and self-dedication are the keys to accomplish the goals. Overall, the year looks tempting and encouraging. If she can manage to settle the little tiffs in relations, this year is going to be a super fantastic year for her. A twinkle in the eye and shine on her lips is what she needs to carry with her in 2016.

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