Dreams Interpretation of Air

Air dreams are most common these days and many people often share their thoughts of such dreams. If you are experiencing Air dreams too, then these are giving you certain signs of current situations in your life.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

Most of the Air dreams are related to your present life and the changes you need for yourself. Memorize the dream you had last night and understand what situation that you were in. Air is the first sacred symbol and element of nature followed by Water, Earth and Fire. This means that the most essential element of nature is giving you indications to make place in your life. If someone has an Air dream, it means that he is the chosen one to read this message directly from the elements of the Universe.
Dreaming of air conveys different meanings that may relate to your spirit, energy and state of life. It may either mean that you need to break free from a situation or follow your dreams in full spirit.

Most Common Air Dreams:
Being trapped in a room where there is no air: This is one of the most common dreams, where a person feels suffocated and has little or no air to breathe. A room with no air replicates your current situation in life, where you are badly stuck and wish to get out of it.
Lying on ground and enjoying the cool breeze: This is certainly a sign of happiness and positivity. It means either you are happy about a current situation or will soon find peace and harmony in life. Cool breeze and open air ground means you are enjoying your privacy to the core.
Facing storm, dirt and mud in the air: The factors indicate that you are carried away by a situation unnecessarily, and are unclear on how to breathe freely from this situation. It depicts darkness and unclear thoughts of mind. Find out that situation which is dragging you without your consent. It is time to break the storm and breathe comfortably.
Dreams are mere interpretations and do not predict your present or future. They just show you the signs or symbols to visualize your life clearly.

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