What does NUMBER 8 mean?

Added: 07 October

Here is a list of the most common traits observed in people that belong to number 8, according to numerology.

Traits of a number 8 person:
1) He is The Boss – He doesn’t believe in working as a low-level employee for long; he doesn’t even work as the manager; he is someone who works as The Boss of the organization. Most of the Chief Executive Officers and Chairmen of different organizations belong to this number, because they know how to lead. They are born leaders and hence perform their duties in the most efficient ways, when they are bosses.

2) He is an extremely kind hearted person – If you want to meet someone who knows the meaning of humanity, this is the kind of person you should be interacting with. The moment you need him, he is there by your side, even if it is 3am or 12pm. Time doesn’t matter to him, when it comes to helping those that are in need of his presence.

3) He can sense lies – Watch out before lying to someone who belongs to number 8; the number 8 people have a very good sense to find out who lies to them. The moment you stop maintaining the eye-contact, they find out the hidden truth behind your lies.

4) He knows how to balance – It doesn’t matter if he is married, he knows how to balance all the different lives he lives. From his personal life to his family life, everything is properly balanced and maintained by the number 8 person. When he is at work, he focuses on his tasks the most and when he is with his family, there’s absolutely no thought of work dancing in his mind. For him, living in the present is the most important thing.

5) He is a social bird – Most of the number 8 people believe in being social in their lives. Even if they have limited friends, they make sure that they meet them every week or at least twice a month so that they remain social in their lives. For them, their friends also matter a lot and they hold special places in their hearts.

6) He is a very confident person – Even when a number 8 person lies, he lies in such a way that you fall in love with his confidence. Most of the times, he doesn’t lie without any reason; if he lies, there is a strong reason behind it. This is the best part of being around a number 8 person – you don’t have to be worried whether he is saying the truth or lying to you.

7) He is a peace-lover – If you think you can fight with him over and over again and still be with him, you are absolutely wrong. All the people belonging to number 8 believe in peace and harmony. For them, life is all about living peacefully and flowing with time. They don’t believe in baseless or pointless arguments and unnecessary fights.