What does NUMBER 7 mean?

Added: 07 October

If you think you are the only one with those traits, you are yet to know about numerology. Read below to find out the most common traits of the number 7 people.

Traits of a number 7 person:
1) He is the inventor or creator – Most of the people belonging to this number are the creative ones. They know the importance of imagination and creativity in their lives. They give utmost priority to all those things and people that give them positive vibes to stand and do creative things. They always come up with new ideas and hence are promoted quickly at work.

2) He can be argumentative at times – The worst thing about those who belong to this number is that they can be very argumentative at times. It is good if they participate in debates, but due to their argumentative nature, they find it hard to adjust with the others around them because this trait is not adapted by their friends and family members.

3) He is very witty – If he is a number 7 person, be prepared to fall in love with his wittiness, especially if you are someone who likes witty people. Say something to him and he would give it back to you. The best thing about having a number 7 individual around is that you always end up getting turned on by his sharp witty talks.

4) He believes in learning from you – It doesn’t matter if he is far more educated than you or not, if you have some knowledge to share with him, he has ears to listen to you and that’s what is adored the most about those who belong to this number; they are always keen to learn new things in their lives. They are always thirsty for knowledge.

5) He is an introvert – Believe it or not – those who belong to this number do not open up to people easily. If he opens up to you, be happy about it because he shares that sort of a comfort level with you. He may sound pessimist at times, but that’s just because he belongs to an odd number in the list.

6) He is generally an educated person – Most of those who belong to this number are highly educated and well-qualified in their streams. Since they always wish to learn new things, they keep enrolling themselves for higher education.

7) He is not a very social person – Number 7 individuals have only a handful of friends. They don’t believe in being social. They may be found on social sites, but they don’t interact with each and every individual. For them, it is all about being in their shells.

8) He is a very silent person – Arrogant at times, but silent most of the times, number 7 people believe in keeping quiet. Their silence is often misunderstood as arrogance, but that doesn’t bother them at all. Even if you misunderstand them, they don’t believe in clarifying their points, unless they fear losing you.