What does NUMBER 6 mean?

Added: 07 October

So you belong to the number 6! I am here to tell you about your nature, character and you, in general. Read below to know about yourself:

Traits of a number 6 person:
1) He is a very imaginative person – If you belong to number 6, you know the meaning of daydreaming. I don’t say that you don’t make use of the dreams that you see with your open eyes; in fact, you are someone who makes sure that you achieve your dreams in life because those are the most important things to you. For you, imagination is all that you have in your hands.

2) He knows the meaning of adjustment – The best thing about having a number 6 person around you is that he knows how to adjust and adapt to different situations. For an instance, if a number 6 individual comes to your house and you have absolutely nothing to offer to him, he is happy with the little water and small cookies that you serve him with.

3) He is dominant – The worst thing about being with a number 6 person is that he is an extremely dominant figure. No matter how hard you try to cope up with his dominant attitude, you find it difficult to adjust at times because he keeps ruling you all the time. Unless you have a flexible attitude, you find it difficult to stay with him. However, if handled with love and patience, you can get the best out of the number 6 person.

4) He gives more importance to his family – For the number 6 people, it is all about their families. If you are a part of his family, he would do absolutely anything to keep you happy. In fact, his entire world revolves around his family. He is not seen with his friends much, but he is always seen surrounded by his family members.

5) He is not very practical – Number 6 people are more emotional and sensitive; they are not practical. They find it difficult to move on from their broken relationships, even if they decide to leave. They are not betrayers and hence forgetting the past becomes difficult for them.

6) He is a little selfish – He may not be as selfish as some of the other numbers in numerology, but he is a bit selfish, especially when it comes to him and his family. If you are friends with number 6 people, you’d notice that he would give preference to his life, his work and his family first and then his friends and the others around him.

7) He is a very loveable person – Number 6 people do not believe in betraying their loved ones. The one who belongs to this number knows the value of love in his life. He cherishes the one who listens to him, is faithful to him, does things according to his choices, and gives him all the love that he deserves. If he finds someone like this, he never lets him go.