What does NUMBER 5 mean?

Added: 07 October

Do you believe in numerology? Are you here to know what kind of characteristics you possess? Read below to know the same.

Traits of a number 5 person:
1) He is a very energetic person – Out of all the other single digit numbers, number 5 is the most energetic one in the list. If you have friends belonging to this number, you’d notice that they have extremely high energy. In fact, most of these people are hyperactive as kids. They are into hundreds of different activities and are good at almost all the things that they put their hands into.

2) He can be excellent in difficult fields – Talk of engineering, medicines, and other such difficult fields, number 5 people can do excellent in these difficult fields. Even though such fields are difficult for those, who belong to other numbers, the number 5 people are seen more in these. 3) He is not very expressive – One of the negative qualities of number 5 people is that they are not very expressive. They find it extremely difficult to share their innermost feelings. No matter how hard they try, they are just not able to do it. This is one of the reasons their partners are generally not very happy with them.

4) He is very caring – It is an amazing thing to have a number 5 individual around you because he is an extremely caring person. From the food that you eat to your resting time, there’s nothing that the number 5 person doesn’t remember. He makes sure that you get the right kind of things to do in your life; he doesn’t really force you for anything unless it is for your own good.

5) He can be selfish at times – Another negative quality of the number 5 person is that he can be selfish and self-centered at times. This is the reason why the number 5 people don’t get along well with the number 2 ones because they are totally opposite in terms of giving and taking in the relationship.

6) He is a very adventurous person – The one who belongs to number 2 is generally a very adventurous and fun loving person. For him, life is all about adventures because that’s what makes him happy. If you want to bring a smile on the face of a number 2 individual, just take him out on trekking and see the glow on his face.

7) He is balanced person – The best thing about having a number 5 individual around is that he is a well-balanced person. He knows how to keep a proper balance between his personal and professional lives. Also, he makes sure that when he is married, he not only gives time to his wife and kids, but also to his parents.

8) He makes you feel comfortable – Try interacting with a number 5 person and you’d see how comfortable you feel around him. He is someone who believes in giving immense comfort to you, so that you feel nice when you are with him.