What does NUMBER 2 mean?

Added: 07 October

If you belong to number 2, this is the most perfect place to find out the different traits that you possess. The number that you belong to gives a glimpse of the way you are.

Traits of a number 2 person:
1) He is an extremist – The moment you find someone who is a total extremist in his life, realize the number that he belongs to. Number 2 people are extremists. If they love you, they love you with all their hearts; if they hate you, they never believe in turning back to you, no matter how hard you try to get back into their lives.

2) He believes in looking at things in detail – Whether it is a normal situation or a particular place, a number 2 individual believes in looking at the details. If you bring him to a situation, he finds out all the information related to it, before making any comments or suggestions. Unless you give him detailed information, he doesn’t keep his opinion. If you want him to put forward his opinions, make sure you give him all the details.

3) He doesn’t believe in forgetting – From good memories to the bad ones, a number 2 person doesn’t forget anything at all. If you have done something good for him, he would always nurture it; if you have done something bad to him, he would forgive you once you apologize, but never forget it. People belonging to this number hold on to the past the most since they are very sensitive.

4) He knows how to keep secrets – If you want someone to guide you and keep your secrets, share it with someone who belongs to number 2. People who belong to this number know how to keep your secrets. All that comes to them remains with them and leaves the world with them, unless you have a fight with them. Yet, the one who belongs to this number doesn’t use your secrets to threaten you after the fight, unless you force him to do so.

5) He believes in success – Most of the celebrities and successful people around the globe belong to number 2. From different famous singers to popular Hollywood stars, there are many public figures that belong to this number and they are extremely successful in their lives. Those who belong to this number know the importance of success in their lives.

6) He is an artist – No matter which field he chooses to make his life and earn his bread and butter in, he belongs to the field of art. Most of the painters and artists belong to this number because art is in their number.

7) He is a very social and confident person – If there’s someone who knows what to speak, he is the one who belongs to number 2. All the number 2 people are extremely social, humble and confident, because their talks make sense and people like sitting with them as they are influential.