What does NUMBER 0 mean?

Added: 07 October

I know what you must be thinking – how can someone be possibly born on �?0’ of any month? After all, it is impossible for anyone to belong to 0 number in numerology!
To be honest – 0 number does exist in numerology; but it is more like a healing number for those who have a 0 in their birthdates. For an instance; those that are born on 10th, 20th or 30th of any month can check the meaning of this number and relate the common traits to themselves.
Zero is nothing but a Karmic number; the one who has a zero in his birthdate is someone who strongly believes in the existence of Karma’s concept in the world.
Zero is a complete number; it has absolutely no start and no ending; it is more like an infinite number since there are no twists, no turns and no ends to the symbol of zero (0)

What are the common traits of people born on 10th, 20th or 30th of any month?
1) He is an extremely spiritual person – Those who are born on the dates with a zero are extremely spiritual in their lives. No matter what they do or where they go, they keep themselves close to their souls. They know how to keep themselves calm since for them, materialistic things do not matter.

2) He finds it difficult to move on – Since people with a zero are incapable of being more practical, due to their spiritualistic approach in life, they find it difficult to move on. If you break up with such an individual, he takes his own sweet time to forget you. However, when he is over you, he doesn’t turn back. Still, if you ever need him in life, he is the first person to stand with you, even though he doesn’t take you back as a lover in his life.

3) He is not a practical person – People with a zero in their birthdates are not very practical, because, as mentioned earlier, materialistic things don’t matter much to them. They find it hard to understand why the others around them are so much into materialism and money. For them, money is the least important thing in their lives; for them, life is all about realizing the importance of love, happiness and people around you. They believe in keeping themselves as well as others happy.

4) He is aware of his existence – Since spiritualistic people are more into themselves, they are aware of their existence and they are extremely wise. People generally love approaching them to listen to their preaching and understand what they have in the world within themselves.

5) He creates a world of his own – Most of the people with this number in their birthdates are less aware of what’s happening in the world they live in; they have their own worlds and hence they don’t get along well with the others, who are not like them. For them, it is all about their conscience and their souls.