Dreams Interpretation - White

Added: 4 September

White is the symbol of purity, peace and positivity. It is a calm position of life. White color gives us lots of hopes and desires to live. There is more to add, which may differ as per the dream scenarios and real life situations.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams.

Dreams related to white things represent clarity of thoughts and purity of mind. The biggest happy feeling is to dream of a gorgeous white wedding gown. The white wedding gown in dream signifies happiness, cleanliness, purity and virginity.
White color dreams have a lot of positive things to convey. however, it is not always true. The color also relates signs related to hospitalization and illness. Note down the different things you see in your dream. Below are some scenarios that people generally discuss in their dream analysis sessions:
- white kitchen
- someone with a bright white light around his aura
- a lady in white uniform of nurse
- doctor in his white uniform
- white wedding gown
- white garments
- black and white chessboard
- White color animals and birds, such as. panda, polar bear, white whale, white pigeon, dove, swan, etc.
- White flowers, such as. lily, tulip, etc.
Every above mentioned scenario will help you to analyze your dream in a more precise manner.

Most Common White Dreams:
White garments: Beautiful white garments in dream signify your clear and pure thoughts about relationships. It is a complete sense of purity. It also denotes marriage. On the other side, white color on doctors and nurses denote illness.
White flowers: To dream about white flowers is a sign that someone loves you pure and divine. It is one of the best feelings as you will hear someone good from your partner.
White horse: White horse dreams are symbols of sexuality and desires. It indicates that you are holding back your emotions and desires for love. It is time to let go off the fear and accept these changes in you. Every person deserves to love and be loved in return. Learn to express your feelings to your partner.

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