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The meaning of the dream symbol: Wallpaper

Added: 3 September

We all know what wallpapers are - after all, we all belong to that century in which computers and cellphones have become necessities. Whether you have a laptop or a desktop, you surely have wallpapers on the screens. Different individuals have different wallpapers. While some people have their own photos as their wallpapers, there are others that have abstract paintings or fantasy images as their wallpapers as well.
Dreaming of fantasy wallpaper is an extremely strange and absurd thing, because it is not something that everybody sees every day. No - I don't say that you need to be worried about such a dream, but you have surely got to remember such a dream, because it may mean a lot of things.
Dreaming of fantasy wallpaper gives a signal of your inner emotions. If you dream of fierce red colored abstract wallpaper, it means that you have a lot of anger in your heart. There is absolutely no one who can calm you down, at the moment, because you are at the highest peak of being angry or upset on someone or over something in your life. Don't be worried about this. such a dream only depicts what you are going through in your current time. you are surely going to calm down in the coming time.
Dreaming of pink colored abstract or fantasy wallpaper means that you are falling in love with someone, or have a new crush at work or college or school. If you have been playing the eye-games with someone, you are surely going to get such a dream. Pink color represents love or likeness towards someone.
Dreaming of red colored abstract or fantasy wallpaper also depicts love and strong feelings towards someone you know. It also represents strong sexual feelings towards someone.

Fantasy wallpaper represents still feelings, love, hatred, calmness, peace, anger, emotions, hidden emotions, fears and also loneliness.
If you see a lonely individual standing in the middle of fantasy scenery, it means that you are an extremely depressed person in your waking life. You are going through some sort of an emotional imbalance, which you are unable to cope up with, in your waking life.
If you see an abstract cat figure in your fantasy dream, it means that you are confused in your waking life. There are a lot of situations or options in front of you and you are finding it difficult to take a single decision or pick a choice.

Most Common Wallpaper Dreams:
Colorful fantasy wallpaper - Such a dream means that you are going through mood swings at the current moment in your waking life. Try to keep yourself as calm as possible.
Dark gothic wallpaper - Such a dream means that you are at the loneliest phase in your life. It may also mean that you are feeling different than the rest of the people you know or live with.
Broken fantasy wallpaper - Such a dream means that some of your memories are coming back into your mind. Some of these memories are hurting you a lot.