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The meaning of the dream symbol: Tesla

Added: 4 September

Tesla is a dream car to a lot of people out there. No matter which country you belong to, if you are a fan of cars, you surely know what Tesla car is all about. There are a lot of models in this car and every model is better than the previous one.
Dreaming of Tesla may have a positive meaning in your life. First of all, since it is a luxury car, not everybody can afford to see it parked in their parking lots. If you dream of owning Tesla, it means that you are going to be rich in the coming time.
If you are struggling in your life and you dream of buying Tesla, it means that you are going to earn a handsome salary in the coming future. Keep going through the difficulties and have patience - things are going to improve soon and you are going to live an extremely comfortable life.
Dreaming of driving Tesla means that you are leading to success in your waking life. You know what efforts can help you achieve name, fame and money and you are doing what you think is right.

Tesla depicts name, fame, money, success, goals, priorities and luxury.
Dreaming of sitting next to the driver in Tesla means that success is right in front of you, but you are unable to achieve it. This may be happening because of your lack of patience. You should know how to keep yourself patient and calm enough to reach the goal in front of your eyes.
Dreaming of losing control while driving Tesla means lack of control on different things or people in your life.

Most Common Tesla Dreams:
Killing the owner of Tesla car - Such a dream means that you are adopting illegal or unfair means to reach success or earn money. Stop doing this at once or you may have to suffer for your ill-Karmas.
Racing in Tesla car - Such a dream means that you are an extremely careless person in your waking life.
Throwing mud or dirt or stones on Tesla car - Such a dream means that you are purposely ruining your life or doing something you know is incorrect.