Dreams Interpretation - Ronaldo

Added: 4 September

About Ronaldo:
Cristiano Ronaldo is a world class football player, who plays for Spanish Club team and Portugal National Team. He iscurrently the captain of the Portugal team. Ronaldo's record breaking scores and amazing playing techniques have mesmerized the audiences and his fans.
Ronaldo gives credit to his mother who encouraged him to enter football sports. Ronaldo started playing at the age of 8 and his potential never made him turn back. Ronaldo is also quite popular for his style statements and is known as a fashion icon. He has a close interest in designer clothing.
He is also a spokesperson to various health and fitness professionals, fashion magazines and other fashionstyling manufacturers.Ronaldo's expertise is not limited to football. He has a wide range of business prospects that deal in perfumes, cosmetics, clothing, innerwear, etc.

2016 Forecast:
2016 is the year to build new social contacts and improve existing professional relations. An increased social circle also means more debates and arguments. It could be due to difference of opinions and ego clashes. The best thing to follow is to remain calm and let others put forward their views. Remember, Ronaldo is a brand in itself and thus, his name speaks for him.

Love life is likely to rise in 2016 and lots of dating options will be open by mid-year. Perhaps, the sexual life is highly satisfactory. Ronaldo must take some time for his family and try to go out with them for shopping or movie. There maybe times when they will complaint about his ignorance to them.

Financially, Ronaldo's expenses are likely to shoot up due to sudden change in plans. This may upset the monthly financial budget. He must assign someone eligible to keep a track on his financial expenses so that things are back on track.

Relations with family life seem excellent and strong throughout the year. His busy schedule may make his family feel that he is ignoring them. however by mid-year, the bonding will come backas strong as it could be.Moreover the rewards and recognition earned by Ronaldo will remove all complaints from his family members.

Ronaldo is advised to follow his dreams and continue with the same spirit as this is the year of rewards. The beginning of the year will be emotionally unstable. however, by July, things will fall in place. Expect good health, luck and fortune in 2016.Certain travel plans are likely to get postponed due to last moment changes.

This year, life will bring pleasant surprises too. If there are minor losses, there would be major profits too. A close focus is required in business matters, especially when dealing with contracts and documents. Ronaldo's charm will spread across the country, bringing him more fan following. He must stay tuned to his goals and continue to spread hisattractive vibes on his fans. We wish Ronaldo, a very happy new year 2016!

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