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The meaning of the dream symbol: Robot

Added: 1 September

A robot does not work on its own brain. in fact, even if it is blessed with a brain by its Creator (the human), it can never have its own mind. A robot is nothing but a machine that works like us, the humans.
Dreaming of a robot can either mean a lot of things, or nothing at all, depending on how nicely you are able to relate it to your waking life and how wonderfully you are able to interpret it. Just like a robot is confused, robot dreams can be confusing too.
Dreaming of a robot means that you feel controlled by the others around you, just like a robot is controlled by the others around you. You feel like you are mere puppet to others and nobody takes any sort of an opinion from you, even though you are smart enough to guide them in their bad times.
Dreaming of a robot also means that you just find it hard to do things that you like to. Just like a robot is told to do things and it is supposed to work according to the will and wish of the one who has created it, you feel like you are living someone else's life, doing things to make him happy and make yourself suffer.

A robot represents petrified feelings, inability to express the innermost emotions, inability to take decisions and being influenced by others.
Dreaming of controlling a robot means that you are an extremely dominating person in your waking life. this attitude ay lead to several problems with others, in future. Thus, you have to bring this attitude down to be closer to the others around you.
Dreaming of fighting with a robot means that you are done living according to the wishes of others.

Most Common Robot Dreams:
Seeing yourself as a robot - Such a dream means that you are dominated by someone else in your waking life.
Making love with a robot - Such a dream means that you are either dominating your partner in bed, or being dominated.
Dismantling a robot - Such a dream means that you are altering your dominating attitude in your waking life.