Dreams Interpretation - Pokemon

Added: 4 September

Pokmon dreams symbolize social nature, friends, childhood memories and acceptance. People may take these dreams differently as per their life's situations.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams.

Many people often dream about playing or watching Pokmon. This means that they miss their friends and the social circle in life. It is time that you concentrate on your personal life and improve your social circle. Interact with your neighbors, make friends online or simply engage in online chats.
Pokmon dreams also speak about your individual personality and qualities. It depends on how you take yourself compared to others. If you think like Pokmon, then your dream is trying to convince you to continue with your current qualities.
The other scenarios related to Pokmon dreams are your own childhood memories. Perhaps, the Pokmon comics, cartoon, animated series, toys and shows are taking you back to your childhood memories and remind you of your kiddish craze. Today, these things may look kiddish to you. however, somewhere you miss this childhood and it stays in your memory. This could be one of the major reasons for this dream.
A few people also shared that they see the different characters of Pokmon in dream. Every character of Pokmon has different qualities and different role to play. Analyze the person characteristic traits qualities with yourself or someone who is similar to this character in your real life. This will take you to a closer analysis of your dream.

Most Common Pokemon Dreams:
Pokmon as a Trainer: If you saw Pokmon as your trainer in the dream, it is a good omen. The only wish of Pokmon is to be the greatest Pokmon master in the world. If he is training you in dream, it means that you will soon meet someone highly inspirational and motivational.
To See Brock in Dream: Brock is the gym leader and a 15 year old Pokmon breeder. A dream about Brock means that life expects you to be strong and emotional like Brock.
To See Dawn with Pokmon: A dream in which you saw Dawn and Pokmon together means that things in your life will go smooth and in coordination.

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