Dreams Interpretation - My Little Pony

Added: 4 September

If you are a girl, you surely know what My Little Pony is all about. It is not only a cartoon character, but is also available as a plastic toy for girls. Little girls adore My Little Pony because it is all that they need for their pink attitudes.
Dreaming of My Little Pony surely means the feministic side of your character. It doesn't matter if you are a boy or a girl, if you have seen this beautiful Pink cartoon character or toy in your dream, it means that the feministic attitude in you is calling out for you. There's something that you've got to do about it. How about going to the parlor or salon and giving yourself some you' time?
Dreaming of riding My Little Pony means success and happiness. You are going to spend time with your kids or the kids of your loved ones and make a lot of good memories with them. It also means that you are going to succeed in whatever you are currently doing in your waking life.
Dreaming of playing with the toy of My Little Pony means that you are missing your childhood and you want to spend time with your family.

My Little Pony depicts childhood, happiness, love, feministic attitude, kids and feministic approach to different things in life.
If you are a feminist, you are bound to get My Little Pony's dreams quite often. You support women and hence such dreams keep coming to you. you are kept connected to the feministic approaches in your waking life.

Most Common My Little Pony Dreams:
Seeing yourself as My Little Pony - Such a dream means that you are a very delicate and feministic person in your waking life.
Riding My Little Pony with kids - Such a dream means that you are missing your childhood and you can do anything to relive it. Riding the toy with kids means that your kids are bringing back your childhood memories to you. Cleaning My Little Pony - Such a dream means that you cherish some of the most beautiful memories of your childhood. you may meet someone you've spent a lot of time with, in your childhood.

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